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® Conduit is a complete system
The Fiberglass Reinforced Epoxy system consists of conduit, fittings and adaptors. It is designed to provide utilities and industry with a reliable, easily installed carrier for below ground, above ground and underwater electrical and telecommunication cables. FRE® conduit is available in standard diameter sizes from 3/4" through 8" (19 through 203 mm) in lengths of 9.84 ft (3 m) and 19.68 ft (6 m). Each length of FRE® conduit contains an integral inside tapered bell end for pushfit watertight assembly. A complete range of general purpose fittings (elbows, adaptors, caps) is available to interconnect the conduit. The fittings can be used with a wide range of conduit systems. Special purpose fittings (O’Ring expansion joint, wobble coupling) are also offered for use in conjunction with bridge installations. A selection of adaptors enables connection of FRE® conduit to threaded steel, PVC, asbestos cement and bituminous fiber systems. Where water is a problem, adhesive and splice kits are available.

® Conduit is a low cost system
Some very significant cost savings result from the unique characteristics of FRE® conduit. For example, in most underground applications, the strength and chemical resistance characteristics of FRE® conduit enables Direct Burial (DB) of the system rather than Encasement Burial (EB), with obvious savings. In bridge applications, the light weight of FRE® conduit drastically reduces the cost of support hardware, simplifies installation, and lowers weight charges to the utility. In underwater applications, the strength and flexibility of FRE® underwater conduit and the unique, patented coupling permit continuous lengths of conduit to be pulled across a river at one time, thereby eliminating the costs of submarine cables or coffer dams. Again in underground applications, the low coefficient of friction of FRE® conduit permits longer cable lengths to be pulled through the conduit, thereby reducing the number of costly manholes or condulets/jonction boxes required in a system, with obvious savings. The longer cable lengths also mean fewer joints (cable splices). These and other unique characteristics of FRE® conduit result in additional savings during the actual installation of conduit and in reduced costs for maintenance of the system over the long term.

® Conduit is your right choice for best value!
Low Installation Costs – Because FRE® conduit is very light in weight, one workman can easily carry 100 ft (30 m) of it to the work area. At the work area, installation proceeds at a fast pace because FRE® conduit is easy to handle. No special skills are required because it’s so easy to install. Just mate a spigot end into a bell end, drive it in and a strong watertight joint is made. No time consuming heatwelding, solvant cementing, gluing or tapering of ends is required. Installation can be carried out year round because FRE® conduit does not become brittle at low temperatures as it does not crack or shatter. Many utilities have found that conduit installation costs can run up to more than 50% of the total system cost. By substantially reducing the labor involved in installation, FRE® conduit systems result in lower total system cost. Low Maintenance Costs – Maintenance costs for FRE® conduit systems are low for some quite basic reasons. FRE® conduit has great strength. No other conduit can compare in impact strength and few compare in compressive strength. Thus, FRE® conduit system is much less susceptible to mechanical damage than other weaker systems. In addition, it is highly resistant to creep. This means that spare conduit installed for future use will still be serviceable after several years. FRE® conduit is rotproof and corrosion and chemical resistant. Thus and FRE® system is much less susceptible to damage from aging or chemical action than other, less inert systems. FRE® conduit is a thermoset material and has a very high temperature rating compared to conduit made of thermoplastic material such as PVC. It will not melt, even when its temperature rating is exceeded. Therefore, FRE® conduit is much less likely to become deformed as a result of heat generated by short term electrical overloads. This means that when wiring in a FRE® conduit system does require maintenance, the cables can easily be removed, repaired and replaced at very low cost.