Fiberglass Elbows for Data Center Cabling

Fiberglass Elbows for Data Center Cabling

FRE Composite's fiberglass elbows are the leading choice for dependable data center construction. Fiberglass elbows allow forward-thinking tech companies to design the most cutting-edge data centers without having to sacrifice strength and flexibility. The popularity of fiberglass wound elbows is rapidly increasing in industrial applications. Offered with straight, Belled, threaded and PVC coupling ends, the elbows can be paired with various other conduit type. A lot of our fiberglass elbows are paired with PVC conduit system because of the incredibly low coefficient of friction that results in longer cable pulls. Due to its very nature, fiber reinforced products offer a lot of possibility to the end users. FRE Composites can provide solutions to the often-tight spaces engineers needs to work with. Custom radius/angle elbows and offsets can easily be developed with FRE Composites’ support team. If you can imagine it, we can produce it.

Why Choose Fiberglass Elbows:

  • Sturdy structure
  • Lighter than the metal alternative and PVC SCH.40
  • Reduced burn through unlike rigid PVC. Epoxy fiberglass bends allowing for the elbows to maintain a strong resistance to cavities or piercing as a result of rope pull
  • Non-Conductive: Assuring a safe system
  • Faster and easier installation: Available with standard adhesive or Push-Fit configuration (Triseal™)
  • Superior corrosion resistance: Epoxy fiberglass is not affected by the effects of water or most other chemicals. It simply can’t rust.
  • Low-temperature treatment
  • Low coefficient of friction: Friction with fiberglass is more moderate than steel and lower than PVC, allowing for an easier pull through for electrical cables. This also helps with reducing the cost of labor and maintenance holes.
  • UV stability (With Above Ground/Hazguard™ product lines)
  • Complies with the latest, most stringent UL/CSA/NEMA standards
  • Possibility to manufacture custom elbows based on users’ needs

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Data Center Construction Overview

Data Centers are an essential element of our world, as they maintain the distribution of the most prized assets of the twenty-first century: our data. Whether your facility maintains an organization's IT operations and equipment, or stores, manages, and distributes the data needed for multiple businesses, proper construction is critical.

In 2018, the global data construction market was valued at US$ 45.1 billion and is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 8.4% from 2019-2027, to account for US$ 89.9 billion in 2027. The rise in data center construction is partly due to the demand for greener, energy-efficient areas intended to deliver maximum energy efficiency while reducing the environmental impact.

Growth drivers of Electrical Conduit Market

North America & Europe

  • Development of smart grid networks
  • Restoration and modernization of existing network infrastructure

Asia Pacific

  • Flourishing demand for peak load
  • Advancement of micro-grid systems
  • Grid security of existing equipment

MEA, CIS & Latin America

  • Expanding demand for electricity
  • Integration of a sustainable energy infrastructure

What is Data Center Cabling?

Cabling is an essential element of any data center. When assembling, constructors must approach a data center infrastructure holistically, to sustain future technologies and business demands. As in the case of any other project, ensuring you have the proper materials for construction is essential for a long-lasting, adaptable cable raceway.

As data centers house a significant volume of networked cabling and electrical wirings, ensuring the structure of your space is adequately fitted with fiberglass elbows can make a world of difference. Our fiberglass elbows are no burn-through, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and are a low coefficient of friction solution.

Steel Conduit vs. Fiberglass Conduit

Fiberglass Conduit: Of all conduit products on the market, fiberglass conduit elbows allow for the most strategic protection in data center builds. This fabric is ideal as there's a lack of burn-through when pulling the cable, produces a low amount of friction, and ensures fault resistance to protect data center assets for the entire lifecycle of the facility. Fiberglass conduit's ease of installation also adds to its appeal (light weight).

Steel Conduit: Steel conduit is historically used in data center build-outs, though their immense weight adds to its starting costs. Steel conduits are generally hot-dip galvanized for corrosion resistance, impervious to breakage from impact, relatively flexible and are generally non-combustible. Steel conduit can be used indoors, outdoors, underground, concealed, or exposed.

Why Choose FRE Fiberglass Conduits

FRE Composites is a pioneer in the composite industry and have been designing, developing, and producing the most dependable fiberglass products since 1958. Our well-established distribution network markets a comprehensive range of composite products throughout electrical and industrial markets in North America and a variety of countries around the world.