Fiberglass Conduit Elbows

High-strength and lightweight fiberglass elbows with no burn-through, corrosion resistance, and a low coefficient of friction.

Elbows are an essential fixture used to change the direction of electric and utility conduit systems. Fiberglass elbows have revolutionized the industry acting as a cost-efficient alternative to their rigid steel/PVC counterparts.

The epoxy fiberglass material provides high-strength and lightweight support to a conduit system, with a low coefficient of friction; allowing electrical cables to be pulled through easily. Compare this to heavy steel elbows, and the labor-savings of fiberglass elbows can be immense.

FRE Composite fiberglass elbows are a readily available solution to your raceways, with no burn-through, corrosion resistance, and low coefficient of friction. All of our elbows are supplied with factory ends, PVC SCH.40 couplings, or female threads, in all different combinations. They can easily be paired with any other raceway type (rigid steel/PVC).

Fiberglass Conduit Elbows Advantages


Epoxy fiberglass bends and elbows have a strong resistance to being cavitated or pierced due to rope pull.


Lower coefficient of friction than steel and considerably lower than PVC. The lower friction allows electrical cables to be pulled through easier, resulting in labor-savings.


Considerably lighter than steel and lighter than PVC SCH.40


Epoxy fiberglass is not affected by the effects of water and will not degrade in corrosive environments.


Lower cost of installation, compared with steel elbows.


Elbows Made by FRE Composites

FRE Composites has been designing, developing and producing the best fiberglass products in the business since 1958. As an industry pioneer, FRE Composites has produced the most dependable fiberglass products in the composite industry.

In addition to the those listed above, when you order from FRE Composites, you will also reap further benefits:

Industry Applications

Fiberglass elbows have all the credentials to be used in a range of industries.

The elbows are often seen in utilities, wastewater treatment facilities, industrial, DOT, bridgework, street lighting, but most prominently, fiberglass elbows are used for data center cabling.

The qualities fiberglass elbows offer are particularly well-matched to data center cabling, allowing tech companies to design the most cutting-edge data centers without sacrificing strength and flexibility.

Fiberglass elbows are often paired to PVC raceways in order to improve the cable pull length - fewer pulls results in lower installation costs.

Data Center Cabling

Cabling is an integral part of a data center. Constructors need to approach the infrastructure holistically to sustain future technologies and business demands. Like every other aspect of construction, the highest-quality materials are imperative to cable raceway longevity.

Naturally, data centers house a significant volume of networked cabling and electrical wirings, and fiberglass elbows ensure the space’s structure is adequately fitted. Even in the tightest spaces, fiberglass elbows provide solutions engineers need to work with.

Find out more about how fiberglass elbows can support data center cabling projects here.

FRE Composites fiberglass elbows are here to protect your valuable cable lines with the best system for any given situation. Get in touch with us today to find the solution to your project.


  • No burn-through
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Cost-effective


  • Access to a wide range of sizes, from ¾” to 8”.
  • Wide Temperature Range. Our elbows are rated for use from –60° to 230° F without cracking or degrading.
  • Custom radius/angle elbows can easily be developed with our specialist team.
  • A comprehensive range of composite products to match the fiberglass elbows.
  • Easy installation. Our elbows are supplied with factory ends, PVC SCH.40 couplings, or female thread.
  • Service from the experts in fiberglass composites.


  • Non-Conductive: Assuring a safe system
  • Faster and easier installation: Available with standard adhesive or Push-Fit configuration (Triseal®)
  • UV stability (With Above Ground/Hazguard™ product lines)
  • Complies with the latest, most stringent UL/CSA/NEMA standards