Expert RTRC Manufacturer Since 1958

The Company

FRE Composites is a pioneer in the composite industry. We’ve been designing, developing and producing the best fibreglass products in the business since 1958. Using its well-established distribution network, FRE Composites sells a wide range of composite products throughout electrical and industrial markets in North America and economically booming countries.

Incorporated under its current name in 1988, the company was formerly a division of Canadian General Electric. The division was then known as Fiber Reinforced Engineered Products.

Being “First in the Field®” means that the company has successfully grown over the years, courtesy of our team’s exceptional skills and expertise. The technical know-how, along with solid experience, means that our team remains our number-one asset.

The focus at FRE Composites continues to be our team’s overall experience, expertise and skills - vital elements as we meet the needs of the future and continue the company’s growth.

Our Involvement

FRE Composites’ involvement in the North American composite industry is well known, with key developments throughout the past 36 years:

  • Registered since 1970, our trademark (FRE®) is at the heart of a multitude of specifications for a growing list of public and private utilities in the electrical and telecommunications sectors. For more than 30 years, our conduit systems have earned praise for their strong mechanical properties and advantageous characteristics. This has allowed FRE Composites to become “First in the Field®”.
  • Our involvement in the design, development and production of the RADARSAT satellite antenna’s extendible structure and the robotic arm for the Space Station Robotic Mobile System (SSRMS) have played key roles in expanding our technical expertise and in positioning the company at the top of our industry.
  • We participated in the Euro tunnel project by building interior wall panelling for Bombardier’s rail cars, as well as phenolic cable trays. Our involvement clearly demonstrated our ability to rapidly produce complex quality pieces under strict manufacturing deadlines.
  • Always conscious of the need to offer advantageous solutions to the arising needs of our clients, FRE Composites’ technical team successfully developed a conduit system that not only met the strict requirements of the mechanical performance industry, but also resulted in a product with impressive characteristics. The conduit system showed an amazing ability to withstand extremely high operating temperatures, demonstrated a level of fire resistance never before seen for a plastic product, and emanated almost no fumes or toxicities. Our BreathSaver® is a leading-edge product that meets the immediate and emerging needs of our clients.
  • FRE Composites’ development of an all fiberglass multi-cell underwater system that supplies electricity and telecommunications to a pumping station on Saddle Island on Lake Mead in Nevada showed, once again, that our expertise and advantageous solutions could meet technical challenges of all types.

Our Implication

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Les Petits Rois

Since 2014, FRE Composites' president Benoit Arsenault is working closely with the Foundation's Board of Directors and other influential and committed people to financially support Saint-Pierre-Apôtre and Irénée-Lussier specialized school with fundraising events in support of their educational projects.