Balfour Beatty Rail
4" XW Breathsaver ®
"Having used a competitor's product, we found the quality and ease of installation of the FRE Composites to be superior. The assembly of the more than 18,000' in the Sunset Tunnel went exceptionally well, finishing ahead of schedule with decreased labor costs. BBll had to terminate the FRE Composites conduit into 13 large fiberglass 6000A bussed enclosures, from which the messenger wire for the catenary was tapped. Considering BBll had to replace an unusable orange-burg conduit, and re-route from the embedded wall to the surface of the ceiling inside the tunnel, some engineering was required. This was freely and readily available from FRE Composites."
Josh Holder, Project Manager View PDF
4" XW Breathsaver ®
"Approximately 30,000 LF of the 90,000 LF of 4” ID XW Haz Guard fiberglass conduit and associated have been installed to date on the Sound Transit E320 project. The products have exceeded our expectations in regards to initial quality, straightforward installation, and overall cost savings compared to 4” galvanized rigid steel conduit and associated fittings. More importantly, the overall cost savings delta has only increased over recent years. "
John Haddad, Electrical Project Manager View PDF
HazGuard ®
"En collaboration avec le fournisseur local, FRE Composites, pour les conduits et les raccords renforcés et avec Philipps pour l'éclairage routier, nous avons été en mesure de répondre aux exigences d'application inhabituelles. Il s'agit d'un project de partenariat public-privé (PPP) avec le gouvernement du Canada."


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